Who Is David Larsen?

David Larsen claims he's a lot things: "fiscal conservative," "Reagan Republican," "successful businessman."

But a look at his record shows he never voted for Reagan, certainly isn't fiscally conservative, and with his property tax problems, argubably cannot be that successful at business.


David Larsen says he’s a fiscal conservative.

FACT: Larsen ran up more than $25,000 in unpaid tax debt.1 Instead of paying these taxes, Larsen spent $300,000 of his own money to run for Congress.2

David Larsen says he believes in fiscal responsibility.

FACT: 21 times Larsen failed to pay his New Jersey state property taxes in full and on-­‐time dating back to 1996.3

David Larsen says he isn’t a “career politician.”

FACT: Larsen has made a career of running unsuccessfully for Congress. He has run for Congress three times and is making a fourth failed attempt. Larsen recently said he is retired as a businessman in 2010 and, “has gone into politics.”4

David Larsen says he opposes earmarks.

FACT: Larsen said “earmarks are good” in a 2010 television interview.5

David Larsen says he opposes Obama’s failed stimulus.

FACT: Larsen admitted his business benefitted from the stimulus law’s federal subsidies for the purchase of energy efficient products.6

David Larsen says he is a real estate entrepreneur.

FACT: Larsen was fined tens of thousands of dollars for owning tenant apartment buildings that were deemed “hazardous” by building inspectors due to unsafe conditions and vermin infestation.7

David Larsen says he is a “successful businessman, who did not inherit a dime.”

FACT: Public records show Larsen bought a Brooklyn apartment building from his family for $10 and sold it the same day for $2.525 million.8

Larsen also admitted receiving thousands of dollars in tax subsidies for raising horses and selling hay – calling himself, “a gentleman farmer” who is contributing, “to a greener New Jersey.”9

David Larsen says he’s a “Reagan Conservative.”

FACT:  Larsen didn’t bother voting for Reagan when he was on the ballot for President.10

David Larsen says he is a “movement conservative.”

FACT: Larsen failed to vote in the 2009 Republican primary between Chris Christie and Steve Lonegan saying, “there was little difference between the candidates.”11 In fact, since moving to New Jersey in 1995 David Larsen has failed to vote in 12 Republican primaries.12


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