Letter: An appreciative constituent

October 6, 2014 news
Letter: An appreciative constituent

Letter: An appreciative constituent

To the editor:

My daughter is attending university this semester in London and she needed to obtain a Tier 4 Student Visa for this program. We started the process in late June and due to a mix up we had to redo everything at the last minute. It is nearly impossible to get in touch with anyone at the Consulate to answer questions. We were desperate for help and were repeatedly told by everyone that there was nothing they could do.

We finally called Congressman Leonard Lance’s office and explained our situation. We were never asked what party we voted for. We were never asked if we had made any donations. All we were asked is “ how can we help you?" Within minutes Congressman Lance’s staff contacted the Consulate in London and New York. They were persistent for two straight days to make sure our issue was resolved. Within 36 hours the Visa was issued and my daughter was able to make it to her orientation and start her program. Without the Congressman’s intervention it may have taken upwards of 10 days to resolve.

With all the negative press out there today I am elated to share this story as a grateful and appreciative constituent.