Special Message from Congressman Leonard Lance

June 4, 2014 news
Special Message from Congressman Leonard Lance

I thank all of those who have made last evening's strong victory possible.  I could not be involved in public service without the love and devotion of my wife, Heidi, whom I thank from the bottom of my heart.

I return to Washington to continue to support fiscally responsible policies in Congress to lower our deficits and help improve the private sector economy across the Nation.  

I pledge to continue my efforts to stop Obamacare, open more American-made energy to consumers and serve as a check on the President's executive overreach -- views that are shared by the overwhelming majority of the people of this congressional district. 

And I ask my primary election opponent and those who supported him to join me as we prepare for a spirited general election campaign.

Together we can restore our country and get our economy working again.